Robert WorLd







Robert WoRld


Actor | Film director | Painter

Speaking: English, Polish, French (learning)
Education: MSc Master’s Degree

Acting – WSF, Warsaw Film School

Art – AJD, University

MSc – WSAiB University of Gdansk







Robert World




Actor best known for roles such as a young man Grain of true, gamer Poker, photographer Chase, prist Powolany, artist 2023 One in a million Christmas Chance, Host on TV Program “From the studio to the World” He entered the higher acting studies at WSF after one year acting course.

I had the honor of playing in the movies with an outstanding actor Daniel Olbrychski, who assisted Angelina Jolie in the film Salt. Play scenes at the camera operator who was first DOP James Bond 007 with Craig David. To play with Borys Lankosz where the main role was played by actor Robert Wieckiewicz, incarnated the agent while playing with Arkadiusz Jakubik at the Warsaw Film School when I was study acting. In the series “Powolany”, I played the main role of a French priest who came with a great mission. On the set There is nothing like learning from the best to make it

From the earliest years in the film and music industry. While still in primary school, at the age of nine, joined the school council where I organized with my best two friends all shows, music events And performances. He create group Massanger music rock band. Author of the book entitled “Serce”.


After the age of 23 where I painted over 300 paintings – and showed on many Exhibitions:

PARIS, NEW YORK, NORWAY, THAILAND, SWITZERLAND, POLAND and more… He is the author of over 300 art works, the symbol characteristic of Robert’s works are colored triangles. Author of the book “heart” 2011.


Athlete – 6th place in general – national roller skates in-line competitions o34 in Poland. 


Director and producer:

2016 – 2019 at Studio Film & Art Colored TrianglesLtd.

2019 – 2020 FilmRWorld Ltd.


In 2016, he produced and directed a television program entitled “From the studio to the World Wich was was filmed in Norway.

Robert living in the small town near Lake Geneve in Switzerland.