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NEW FILM 2023 by World is dedicated to all people who shows the ability to change  – to start over to create a wonderful life with love. It is never to late, everyday is a new chance.


Film inspires viewers to reflect on their lives, their choices, and the power of new beginnings.

There is always a moment to start a new life. The film gives an incredible boost to life, shows that we can start over, that we can change, be born again and create a wonderful life from our dreams. Everything is possible. A conversation with God is a metaphor in the film and it really shows that you have to hit rock bottom a little or a lot to realize that we want a different, that we want a different one. Everything is possible.

Main character after parting with his big love, he started drinking, having sex with prostitutes and random women with whom he did not want to build a real relationship. He started his art of his beloved colorful triangles. As Christmas approaches, main character, confronts his profound loneliness and longs for a change. The

unforeseen happens when he falls into a manhole, left open by a petty thief. As he

experiences flashbacks of his life, he finds himself in a profound conversation with

the Almighty. With his life seemingly over, Robert dares to ask God for another

chance – a one in a million chance to alter his life. Part of the movie is based in

beautiful Switzerland.


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Robert World

actor | film director

played in the movies with an outstanding actor Daniel Olbrychski, who assisted Angelina Jolie in the film Salt. Play scenes at the camera operator who was first DOP James Bond 007 with Craig David. To play with Borys Lankosz where the main role was played by actor Robert Wieckiewicz or I was incarnated the agent while playing with Arkadiusz Jakubik at the Warsaw. Film School when I was study acting. In the series “Powolany”, I played the main role of a French priest who came with a great mission. On the set There is nothing like learning from the best to make it happen. 


Art is a language of the soul…

He was born in Poland, half English after 10 years part of his heart is Norwegian. Since 2019 Robert live in Small town on the Lake Geneva in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and he said: “here it’s my home”.


Director and producer.
2016 – 2019 CEO, film producer / film director at Studio Film & Art Colored Triangles Ltd.


2019 – 2022 CEO, film producer / film director at FILMRWORLD 


Film and Television company production, FilmRWorld Ltd. art events international. Paris, New York, Nederland, Poland, Norway.


In 2016, he produced and directed a television program entitled “From the studio to the World” Wich was was filmed in beautiful Norway.




He worked as a director assistant, director and producer in a several films.




Author of the book “heart” 2012


21.12.2022 Switzerland  – premiere of his second book “When he became a man”

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