Robert World









Robert World painted 200 pices of art all oil on canvas. He show his art on Exhibitions in: New York, Paris, Norway, Warsow Poland, Holland, Asia Bangkok, Switzerland and more The bigest oil on canvas 2m X 10m painted in Holland World painting also in privat house strate on the wall.

Les Amouroux III

It is a work that I painted under the influence of love. You can clearly feel the passion,sexuality, sex, touch, whisper, stinging words that even strike deeply into the senses. Burning sizzling fireplace, peace, safety – World takes us to the evening soaked with exquisite wine, nudity, exquisite supper, the scent of candles and the spicy royal fragrance Amuage ink created for unforgettable moments. My accents that have entered into the crevices of the canvas with a tactile touch show the perforations of the entire painting, which captures the moments that I experienced and you experience. Image of love, desire, beauty, smile and instincts. Happiness, a woman in love with a man and a man in love with a woman, an act of love, I can show you and record which one probably also survive …

Les Amouroux is aveilble Gallery in Switzerland
Price: 8 000 Euro
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